BlackVue Power Magic Pro


Power Magic Pro uses advanced power management circuitry to ensure your dashcam doesn’t deplete your vehicle’s battery when operating overnight. Power Magic Pro has a pre-set voltage cut-off level which prevents the dashcam from continuing to operate if the vehicle’s battery drops below a safe level.


• Rated output voltage : DC 12~24V
• Output current / Quiescent current : Rated current 1A, Max. 2A / Under 200µA
• Output voltage cut-off (on the basis of the input) : 12 ~ 12.5V (±0.1V) / 22.8 ~ 23.2V (±0.2V)
• Output Voltage Restoration (on the basis of the input) : Cut-off voltage +0.2V and higher
• Output Voltage Cut-off Timer Function : 6 hours ~ Infinity