Genuine Audi Dash Cam Traffic Recorder Camera Front And Rear


The UTR has high-quality lenses to record video in 1080p clarity and covers a 150 degree angle, giving an almost complete view of a vehicle’s surroundings when installed at the front and rear of the car.

Videos are recorded onto the unit’s internal SD card, and can also be accessed through an iOS or Android app, which adds parking location and event functions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Lens: 1080p at 60fps = clarity and smooth picture viewing
  • Fish eye records 150 degree angle = viewing angle to see the front wheel area.
  • Codec: Detects yellow, white & black colour = picks up number plates more clearly.
  • Hard wired to vehicle = Non visible driving position, and speed taken from CAN (more accurate than GPS)
  • Fixed & tethered to windscreen = Crash tested, doesn’t become shrapnel in the vehicle.
  • GPS – Downloads your map location (and photos) upon parking (Multistory)
  • Radar – Records close incidents & people walking up to the vehicle.
  • G shock – Plays audible alarm once limit exceeded.
  • Security LED – Reassures occupants, warns people outside of the vehicle.
  • Voice Recorder (toggable) – Added in car safety, audible alarms on events recorded while not in the c
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